Thousands of people around the world discovering the many different benefits of sustainable steel buildings have been inspired to write about their positive experiences. Now International Buildings is looking forward to adding your name to our long list of satisfied customers sharing rave reviews generated by Building Green to Make a World of Difference


“Just by coincidence we decided to buy our steel building during the week Earth Day was celebrated. We think it’s important to join in efforts to be more environmentally conscious and International Buildings is setting a great example for other companies and people everywhere to go green!“ J.C., Lexington, KY


“We’re using our building as a guest house so when we were comparing companies International Buildings really stood out as the most committed to promoting healthy communities and using environmentally friendly products we feel good about having our kids and family members around.“ D.B., Memphis, TN


“Knowing the patio at our house would overlook our storage building, I wanted it to look pretty but my husband was all about it being sturdy and strong. I’m happy to say for once, we got what we both wanted thanks to the great choice of attractive designs offered by International Buildings.“  F.N., Port St. Lucie, FL .   


“We really appreciated the cost difference buying factory direct from International Buildings instead of a broker and with all the money we saved, we bought a new car for our new garage!“ S.T., Baltimore, MD


“It was so easy to assemble my shed because all the pieces lined up correctly and the bolt holes came already pre-cut and pre-drilled. Other companies I looked at only offered non pre-drilled screws that would have been a big hassle to work with. I had a limited budget so it was also great International Buildings provided certified blueprints so I didn’t have to hire an engineer.“ L.B., San Antonio, TX 


“We chose International Buildings because their steel buildings are so environmentally friendly but when we needed some help and got such a friendly customer service representative on the line instead of a recording or being put on hold forever we were even more impressed especially since it was after 5 p.m. You’ll definitely be getting a lot of referrals from us.“ Donna B., Richmond, VA


“Friends of ours invited us over and showed us a wood building they recently got. When I told them we just got our steel building from International Buildings they asked, ’So what’s the difference?’ I remembered your slogan and said, ’International Builders is building green to make a world of difference.’ Then when I told them how much less we paid buying factory direct, I think they turned green!“  K.R., Orlando, FL


“I really like that my steel building helps protect the environment by being eco-friendly but it also gives me great peace of mind knowing it will protect my valuable possessions even if there’s a really bad rain or snow storm especially since the weather here has been so unpredictable lately.“ P.B., Rochester, NY


“I know some people like the convenience of picking from the variety of existing building models you offer but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that International Buildings gave me the freedom of choice to customize my building to my exact specifications. I changed my mind a lot during the process, but it turned out so perfect, now I’m planning to get a second one. Tell your customer service people to get ready it’s a good thing they’re all so patient and helpful!“ L.N., Raleigh, NC

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